Press Release, March 2021

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World In Sign, LLC is Up And Running for MD, The USA, And the World

            Accessibility has a new partner in town Silver Spring, MD: After months of developing our products, services, marketing strategy, and building up our foundation, World In Sign, LLC (WIS) has started its outreach and is ready to offer our services to Maryland, and the world. Specializing in accessibility for the deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, senior citizens and more, WIS offers services including, but not limited to, VRI (Video Remote Interpretation) on customer’s preferred platform (Zoom, GoogleMeet…) or our platform, online event management with sign language accessibility provided, a multimedia video call platform so companies can connect visually with their customers (with sign language interpreters available if needed), a video studio with state of the art equipment and green screen, online-accessibility services, and research and development on improving accessibility in education and telecommunications in general. And recently WIS became an official reseller for SquareGlow products, which are a popular accessible signaling system for homes and workplaces for the deaf and hard of hearing, and people with hearing loss. Our goal is to become a sort of “One Stop” place for all accessibility needs.

            Setting up a business focused on accessibility services and technology in the time of COVID-19 has not been an easy task. It is hard to meet people and start networking when all the conferences and usual events have been cancelled or moved online, but it did not stop WIS. Our global team is dedicated to providing accessible communication technology that unites and empowers EVERYONE around the world, but we are also dedicated to serving our local community and improving accessibility at home here in Maryland.

Karunya Samuel, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, brought together a team of talented people to create WIS because, “[his] dream is an America and a world where talented Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and people with other disabilities are able to realize their potential through access to the necessary tools and technology to provide them with quality lives and employment without any barriers.” To bring his vision to life, he reached out to deaf professionals near and far and gathered 4 (four) of them to help establish World In Sign: Robert Mather, Esq. (DC area), Ramesh Mirchandani (DC area), Philippe Berthe (France) and David de Keyzer (France). Robert Mather, one of the co-owners and Chief Legal Officer, retired from the DOJ where he worked many years focusing on disability issues and the ADA, says “I was retired but I am now rewired for WIS and accessibility!”

           About World in Sign, LLC: WIS is a deaf-owned company dedicated to fostering access to all levels of society through innovation and technology. WIS is led by a team of professionals who are deaf and/or are advocates in communities of people with disabilities around the world. WIS is dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative mobile telecommunication services and products that are equally effective for individuals with and without disabilities and senior citizens.

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Press Release, March 2021
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