Seeing is Believing

Connect to your customers in a more meaningful way.
Make your customer service more personal AND accessible at the same time!

Connect with your customers face to face
WIS offers a Direct Video Calling platform that you can embed directly on your website so your customers can give you a video call at the click of a button without installing or using any additional software!

What do you offer for customer service?
A phone number, or maybe a live chat box?

Since COVID-19 and all the social distancing rules, people are craving human connections even more than before. Live chats and phone calls are no longer enough to feel heard and understood. And when you are deaf or not fluent in English, customer service through phone or chat boxes are daunting and often causes frustration as people feel like robots are answering them.


Multilingual automated translation (14 languages supported):
your customer service is in English, but your customers are more fluent in another language? Offer them a real accessible customer service that shows them you care.
Leverage the presence of your deaf employees:
Open your customer service up to those who use sign language to communicate with a dedicated video platform.
Having access to professionals or customer support directly in sign language prevents miscommunication and misunderstandings for a population that often struggles with written English.
Solidify and expand your customer base:
People who feel a connection with a company because they feel recognized and cared for tend to be loyal to a brand and spread the word. In the era of social media, one person’s recommendation for outstanding customer service can go a long way.

What does it look like?

Accessibility Services at WIS

  • Remote ASL interpreters when you need them
  • Translate written text to sign language
  • Add sign language to your videos
  • Add subtitles to your videos
  • Add closed captioning to your meetings
  • Get feedback on your accessible content: testers with various disabilities preview, review, evaluate your presentations, website, and products to make sure your work is accessible to the widest possible audience
  • Have Any Questions?

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