Guidelines of logo

our logo

The WIS logo is composed of a symbol and a logotype set in Britannic Bold.


An exclusion zone around the logo has been created to protect its integrity and make sure…….

Optional Logo (as needed)

The marketing and communication teams can use the optional logos (C) & (D) as…….

Logo for Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries

When needed, Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries can use the specific logo with their countries…

Positive & Negative

The figurative mark must remain blue in positive and negative versions of the logo.                            


It is not allowed to alter the structure, color, proportions, elements or the direction of the logo.

Background colors

You should always try to use the positive(main) version of the logo.

Background images

Use the main (positive) version on light backgrounds.

Logo color palette


Color palette (background)

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