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Web Accessibility Consultation

We are here to offer our expertise on online
accessibility. You may not be aware of the difficulties some communities face when trying to access your online content. If you want to create an online presence that is welcoming to ALL, consult World In Sign, LLC (WIS) to ensure everyone can easily enjoy your content. This includes sign language interpretation for all your fixed content and your videos, and creating captioning for your video content!

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Virtual Remote Interpreting

WIS can help you connect with deaf communities through our Video Remote Interpreters. VRI is much more personal than over-the-phone language lines, and it is cost effective. There are no more interpreter travel fees, and VRI is available at low, per-minute rates. Now,
whether you are using WIS' Video Call Platform or
any other video platform, you can connect with sign language interpreters anywhere in the world!

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Video Call Platform

We have an online multi-media platform available with or without interpreter services! WIS’ multi-media platform is a powerful way to directly communicate with your customers or patients with or without disabilities. The Video Call Platform can be embedded directly on your website and customized for your needs. The platform can accommodate 2-way or 3-way calls to connect you to your customers. We can even add a service with access to interpreters with knowledge of different sign languages and areas of expertise!

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Online Event Management

Now more than ever, we are relying on online platforms to communicate. Online events such as webinars are increasingly powerful tools for your business to inform and engage with potential customers. World In Sign has the technology to make your web presentations the best they can be! Using ClearTouch technology, WIS can manage your webinar to ensure you can easily and effectively reach your audience.

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In Development

HandHelp - Life Care

HandHelp – Life Care is a new app designed to make communication with emergency services immediate and accessible. Once you download HandHelp – Life Care, you will enter emergency info that can be transmitted to emergency services and a list of emergency contacts at the push of a button! Also coming soon – the HandHelp Life Care wearable emergency button!

HandHelp is currently active in Europe.
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WIS E-Learning App

WIS is developing a new app that will include educational content that is accessible to ALL students. Lessons will be available with captioning or sign language interpretation. And you can learn on the go! The app will also be available to use offline and then it will update with new information once you’ve reconnected to the internet.

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