Who We Are

You Matter – No Matter How You Communicate

Our Story

In 2019, a group of five deaf professionals from the USA and France got together after realizing that there was a need for better accessibility solutions. They realized that most accessibility providers only focus on one angle of the big picture (sign language interpreter provider, closed captioning OR accessible products, etc.). For this group, it didn’t allow organizations to make the switch to or improve their accessibility because they would have to look for and deal with too many partners without knowing where to start. Why wasn’t there something like a “one-stop-shop” for accessibility? Their vision started there and so did World In Sign (WIS).

The group of founders is composed of Robert Mather (USA), Ramesh Mirchandani (USA), Karunya Samuel (USA), Philippe Berthe (France) and David de Keyzer (France). Combined they have substantial experience working for and helping develop prominent video relay services as well as working and fighting for disability rights at a government level and, networking around the world to involve the most skilled individuals within communities with disabilities.

Basing their philosophy on a ME to WE mindset, the founders established their vision with a motto: “One Technological World”. This motto is WIS’ way of showing dedication to providing accessible communication technology and products that unite and empower EVERYONE around the world so they can communicate and access their full potential without any barriers.

Our Mission

World In Sign, LLC (WIS) is an initiative dedicated to fostering accessibility to all levels of society through innovation, technology, and education. We believe in employing sustainable development goals in all our endeavors as we aim to empower populations often left behind through research, making innovations, and providing telecommunication technology and services so they can reach their full potential. We aim to empower populations often left behind to give them quality access to communication and technology without any roadblocks.


  • Advocate for and develop technological products and services to help people with any type of disability, and of any age, communicate easily, and to remove any barriers to achieving or maintaining their independence and self-reliance so they reach their full potential
  • Foster inclusion and accessibility in all areas of society, especially in online spaces
  • Partner with international organizations to encourage understanding and cooperation between different cultures

Diversity & Inclusion

As a deaf-owned business working with and for people with disabilities, we stand for diversity and inclusion every day.

Diversity and inclusion are part of WIS’s core values, not only within our organization but also with our partnerships: customers, governments, businesses, universities, organizations, etc.

We welcome the expertise of people of all abilities and backgrounds.Because WIS is an international company, we are not limited by borders to find the best team members to help us develop innovative new technology and services that will improve the communication and lives of EVERYONE.

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