Video Remote Interpreting

WIS can help you connect with deaf communities through our Video Remote Interpreters. VRI is much more personal than over-the-phone language lines, and it is cost effective. There are no more interpreter travel fees, and our VRI is available at low, per-minute rates. Now, whether you are using WIS’ Video Call Platform or any other available video platform, you can connect with sign language interpreters anywhere in the world!

Why us?

World in Sign™, LLC (WIS) is an initiative to foster access to all levels of society for ALL through innovation, technology, and education.
We believe in employing sustainable development goals in all our endeavors as we aim to empower populations often left behind by researching, innovating in and providing telecommunication technology and services so they can reach their full potential. WIS partners with businesses, individuals and communities all around the world to achieve it.
“You matter - no matter how you communicate”
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